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doing good with wood.

We make a range of high-quality wooden products,

offer a wood recycling/collection service

and sell reclaimed timber.


In the process, we also help change lives.

Our mission is simple – to help people become Exceptional rather than being the Exception and to build a social business that thrives on merit, not sympathy.

Social Impact

Every month we create over 1,400 hours of human social impact. That includes skills, training, employment, positive activity and life-skills. This reduces isolation, raises self-esteem, lowers the call on blue-light and NHS services, combats depression/mental health illness and gives people somewhere of which they are proud to be a part. 

“From glorious garden furniture to bespoke benches and from delicious office desks to charming chopping boards, we make it all by hand, with love, in our Oxford workshop. You can see some our products and work here.”

Our Truths:

  • We produce high quality products, offer superb services and work with many corporate, education,  local government and private customers
  • We employ, train and support people from our communities who face prejudice and barriers to work. Over 85% of our team will be striving to succeed in the face of issues such as physical or learning difficulties, mental health illness, recovery from addiction and criminal histories.

Products and Services

Furniture and Products


Wood Recycling Services


Joinery Workshop and Bespoke


Reclaimed Wood Sales – The Barn